Our Events

Our Events

We host thought leadership events to enable leaders from across our leadership network and the wider public to engage in courageous and provocative conversations about important leadership issues for New Zealand.

Subject matter luminaries and prominent New Zealand leaders to deliver thought-provoking and inspiring talks before an audience. These events ignite new ideas and innovation, as minds of different generations and backgrounds converge and focus their energies on an issue or theme.

2017 Events

Please note that there could be minor amendments to these dates and flexibility may be needed

July 2017
Dinner with a Difference, Auckland

October / November 2017
Sir Paul Reeves Memorial Lecture, Auckland

Saturday 18 November
Programme Graduation Ceremony Evening, Auckland

"The real leadership lessons in life are in conversation. And they occur when one’s beliefs are tested, not by a group of like-minded peers, but by others with quite different backgrounds and world views. Leadership New Zealand plays a vital role in the fabric of New Zealand society and can, perhaps uniquely, claim to be a place where emerging and senior leaders from across our diverse community can all have profound and life changing experiences."

Advisory Trustee, Leadership New Zealand