Nicola Campbell

Nicola Campbell
Programme Facilitator - The NZ Leadership Programme

Nicola has specialised in leadership development and transformation, with a special focus on business and health, for the past 18 years. Together with the co-directors of her company, Spirited Leadership, she has developed expertise in designing and facilitating leadership development programmes that embed coaching cultures for integrated and accelerated results.

For the last 25 years Nicola has studied the connection between personal, transpersonal, organisational and community experience. The result is a multi-layered model for meaning-making and rich, sustainable, organic improvement in leadership both of self, others and businesses.

She firmly believes that growth and development intrinsically want to happen.  Most people would rather shine in their leadership and life than be dulled by it. She encourages clients to draw on all aspects of themselves: body, mind, emotions and spirit, and to apply what they learn in order to increase effectiveness, resilience and innovation.

As a certified coach she sees people shine when their greatest capacities are recognised and employed at work. This in turn is life-enhancing for themselves, others, organisations, communities and their world.