Scholarship Opportunities

We are kindly supported by a number of regional and national funding organisations to ensure that financial hardship is not an obstacle to leaders participating in The NZ Leadership Programme and The Mana Moana Experience.  

Foundation North

Foundation North is the Principal Community Partner for Leadership NZ who provides scholarships for most of the Participants on The Mana Moana Experience (within the Auckland/Northern region).  

Creative New Zealand

Creative New Zealand provides support for two Māori and two Pacific arts leaders across the country to participate in
The NZ Leadership Programme in addition to supporting Pacific arts leaders to participate in The Mana Moana Experience.

J R McKenzie Trust

J R McKenzie Trust provides four scholarships for participants on The Mana Moana Experience (across regions outside of Auckland and Northland). 


The Sir Paul and Lady Reeves Scholarship Fund was launched in 2012 in the loving memory of Sir Paul. This fund enables scholarships for those who would otherwise be unable to take part in The New Zealand Leadership Programme.  

We believe there should be no unreasonable economic barrier for an individual to participate, and so scholarships are an essential part of ensuring the diversity of participants in our Programme.  

Leadership NZ and our scholarship recipients would greatly appreciate your support. 

You can make an online donation through our Givealittle page or contact us at 09 309 3749.

Olive Brown Success Story

If it had not been for a scholarship, Olive Brown may not have been able to participate in the Leadership NZ Programme. Here is her story.

He Iwi Kotahi Tatou Trust: Retrofit Manager
Healthy Homes Tai Tokerau: Co-Manager

Olive Brown completed the Leadership NZ leadership programme in 2010. At that time she was the Project Manager of HIKTT Retrofit and the Administration Manager for Healthy Homes Tai Tokerau. Today she is now the Retrofit Manager and the Co-manager for Healthy Homes. 

If it had not been for a scholarship, Olive may not have been able to participate in the Leadership NZ leadership programme.

As she graduated from the leadership programme Olive’s reflection at that time focussed on how she had been challenged in many areas – her thinking, her values and her beliefs. She was challenged to really listen, dump all her prejudices and go into conversation with a truly open mind. Olive used words such as self-awareness, vision, compassion, humanity connection, nurturing, nourishing and moving forward when describing leadership.

So what has happened to Olive in the intervening years?

 Just as her organisation has changed and grown, Olive has also grown.

Since finishing the programme Olive has become became a Trustee of her family marae and sits on the board in an executive role. She decided to further her knowledge and enrolled with The University of Auckland, and has since graduated with a Post Graduate Diploma in Business. Currently she is with the University of Auckland Business faculty working towards a Masters in Commerce. 

When asked how Leadership NZ has influenced her and shaped her influence of others, Olive believes it has brought “about awareness of our country on a global scale and how we as NZers can work together to make NZ a great country for future generations. Leadership NZ has helped me to participate in conversations with a lot more confidence”. 

“Leadership NZ gave me the push I needed to learn the skills required to make robust and rigorous decisions to assist in my field of work and to benefit my community. The value is what I have been able to give to the community – for example being part of an organisation that has been able to offer a service of high-end insulation products installed into family homes to help not only the home but the health and well-being of families for over 7000 recipients in the Te Tai Tokerau region is a great achievement not only for myself or the families but also for all of those people that have benefited by the project directly or indirectly.”

Olive continues to be challenged and is surrounded by challenges on a daily basis. Her biggest challenge is working through personality clashes whether between staff or staff and clients or family members. 

“I think relationships are the biggest challenge and I can say that what I learned from Leadership NZ has helped grow me, in a way that I am confident when dealing with people from not only the same culture but also different cultures and walks of life from across the spectrums from community to corporate to government agency.”

Olive grew up with a family that are very much community orientated and has followed down the same path. In addition to working with a community based organisation she also volunteers a lot of her time to other community groups.

Olive remains connected to Leadership NZ and each year her organisation hosts the current programme year as they journey to Northland to explore NZ’s history and roots.

- Interviewed by: Judy Whiteman, May 2014