William Pua

William Pua
Mana Moana Programme Facilitator

I am a son, a grandson,
a brother, a cousin, a nephew
I am a husband, a father,
a grandfather
I am a son of Malaela & of Papa,
I am a son of Samoa and Atua
I am a descendent of navigators, weavers and planters
and an ancestor of the future
I am cousin to Moana on my dad's side
and cousin to Fanua on my mum's side
I am related on both sides to Lagi
I paint with words soaked in colours real
from palettes past and futures new
shades of difference with such subtle moods
held to the light to release its soul
in sunsets gone, I sleep on the horizon,
as the Sun quenches his thirst in Moana
Dawn wakes me from my slumber
glorious in the promise of a day unknown
To be, to be, to be...
I am a son of a mailroom worker and a machinist
I am a son of the factory old and the factory new
I catch dreams and nightmares
from within and without
even when the clouds obscure
the night sky help
I search the stars for meaning and direction
I search for home in all things

William Pua comes from the beautiful villages of Malaela Aleipata & Papa Sataua, Samoa, he is Aotearoa born, raised in Grey Lynn, Auckland in the 1960s. William trained and worked in Social Work and Secondary teaching RTLB in a South Auckland Secondary school. William has been a member of several Ministry of Health Pasefika Advisory groups, member of Auckland Regional Employment Access Council, Chairperson of a Primary school board and was a member Social Work Registration Board for four years.

He has worked as a Community Adviser for the Auckland City Council, and a Senior Lecturer in Social Work at Auckland College of Education. William managed a Pacific Youth sexual health organization for 12 years, where they were able to develop a creative pedagogy and engagement approach which included media such as art, drama, music, humour, YouTube and dance to enhance the dialogue with Pasefika youth. William has consulted in the area of Disability focussing on Pasefika responsiveness, where he conducted professional development training for staff, as well as conducting Mana Moana workshops for Pasefika young people with disabilities. He has been a member of a Mana Moana Practitioner Collective for over 4 years working with Clinical Psychologist Dr Evangelene Daniela and Psychologist/social Worker Ailaoa Aoina collectively developing the use of Mana Moana as Therapeutic interventions in our respective fields.

More importantly William is married, has four sons with 3 partners, he has four moko and one on the way who continue to educate him about what really matters in this world, apparently Kpop, people rescuing animals vids, climbing trees, Pukapuka donuts, Spyro the Dragon and pulling funny faces until you laugh.