About Us

About Us


Leadership NZ is committed to enriching New Zealand through active leadership in connected communities. 

We aim to ensure that New Zealanders in positions of influence are equipped for the challenges of leadership. 

We are champions of diversity, crunchy conversations and developing resilient leaders. 

We believe that diversity is a key enabler to achieving higher levels of engagement, creativity and innovation, and have a proud legacy of educating on the basis of diversity of thought and perspective.

We nurture and connect leaders through our leadership development programmes, thought leadership events and our community engagement activity. The focus of these activities is to bring leaders from every generation and every sector of New Zealand together; to connect them through conversation; to challenge them with making a difference. Leadership NZ is a not-for-profit incorporated charity governed and supported by generous and passionate New Zealand leaders. 

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Enriching New Zealand through active leadership in a connected community


To build an exceptional leadership culture that develops and celebrates resilient, courageous and authentic leaders who:
- Have a strong awareness of issues of significance for New Zealand;
- Value diversity, engage in meaningful conversation, connect and work successfully across difference;
- Building and transform organisations, communities and effect positive social, economic and cultural change across society.


Courageous - Generous of Spirit - Inclusive - Acting with Integrity - Innovative - Apolitical - Celebrating Diversity

Our History

The Leadership New Zealand Trust was founded in 2003 by Jo Brosnahan and a collective of prominent New Zealand leaders. 

In 2002 Jo penned a paper which outlined her thinking on the state of leadership in our country. She saw a lack of leadership culture in New Zealand and a need for greater appreciation that leadership is “the essential ingredient in successful organisations and communities.” This became the catalyst for what was to become Leadership NZ.

The Leadership Programme was established based on the model of Leadership Victoria - Australia’s preeminent leadership institute and a global frontrunner in leadership development. 

We took this cutting edge model and made it our own, creating a distinctly New Zealand approach and flavour to deliver the best results for our leaders, organisations and communities. 

In the years since, we have gone from strength to strength. We have guided and challenged 300 Leadership NZ Programme graduates, to step up in their leadership within their organisations and to actively engage in their communities. 

We have broadened and stretched the mindsets of leaders across generations and sectors to enable them to lead beyond authority and across the diversity of New Zealand.

“Ultimately, we are building a diverse network of talented leaders from across every part of the New Zealand community, with a deep understanding of our history, our values, and our current challenges and a mutual respect for each other. They understand the opportunities facing New Zealand, care about our nation, and are prepared to give back; this can only build a better society.”

Founder, Leadership New Zealand