The Programme

The New Zealand Leadership Programme

We enrich and weave New Zealand leaders together through our Leadership Programme

The NZ Leadership Programme is an immersive year-long experience, involving a series of retreats, seminars and debates
over a 10 month period. Participants are carefully selected as mid-career, senior leaders from a diverse range of sectors across New Zealand.

Throughout the Programme, participants have important conversations with prominent New Zealanders and subject matter experts who share their knowledge, leadership stories and experiences so that the participants are introduced to a broad diversity of leadership styles and perspectives. Through experiential, individual and group activities they are also challenged to reflect on their own leadership views and practices, develop unique insights and build greater confidence, self-awareness and emotional intelligence. 

Our Programme is unique in developing personal leadership skills and awareness while addressing key issues New Zealand faces today. In addition the Programme introduces them to a wide range of tools and resources; including creative and design thinking methodologies, critical thinking, tools for increasing resilience and managing stress, leading through coaching and much more.  

Ultimately, we see the Programme’s role as a pathway to help develop resilient leaders who value diversity, are able to connect through conversation, build community and effect positive change across communities and society.

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“The high quality of the Programme delivered, the friendly support to reflect deeply on ourselves and experience our world and its people, the richness and range of the Leaders who spoke to us and the many effective tools proffered for self-growth and leadership…The Programme asks us to reflect and step out of our preconceptions and self judgment in order to effectively lead diverse people to help solve the challenges of NZ.  It is a great journey.”     

Sustainability Manager at Jasmax and transformational
change agent; Programme participant 2014