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We hold events for our alumni, friends, and the general public for people to connect with the important conversations in leadership.

Subject matter experts and prominent New Zealand leaders share their knowledge and engage with the audience, sparking new ideas and innovation as minds from different backgrounds converge and focus their energy on a salient issue or theme.

Sustainability and the Economy - Session 5

We have now reached the point in our Leadership NZ journey, that when the group meet, it’s like connecting with old friends. The 2018 cohort met enthusiastically at the idyllic Caccia Birch House in Palmerston North in anticipation of what lay ahead. Although a little chilly, the sun was to shine on us physically and mentally throughout the next two days.

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Va tagata

We arrive into a shared space. Sit in front of invisible pou, bright morning sunlight memorializing silhouetted edges of a fale. Lounge furniture is backed up against the walls of a rectangle living room. Ula-draped photos of family, sports teams, choirs, da Vinci’s The Last Supper, white net curtains blowing across open windows. Every place we have ever sat in this way, is also here. Va tagata.

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