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Alumni Reflection, Debbie Chin

Leadership is about the people, the communities, and the populations we serve

Leading teams, leading organisations, and leading “systems” is a real privilege. 

As I write this reflection, I have the privilege of leading Capital & Coast District Health Board. This important organisation employs over 4,800 people, and our services extend to a population of around 900,000 people. Prior to this role I was leading Standards New Zealand. 

I was fortunate to participate in the first Leadership Development program. Jo Brosnahan had a vision; she was very persuasive, and took me along on a leadership journey. To this day, I have never regretted that opportunity. 

The program allowed me to see leadership from many different perspectives. It helped me to better appreciate what leadership is and what it is not. 

The great thing about leadership is how one builds resilience, keeps to ones values, retains personal integrity and strives to achieve. As a leader, the one thing that saddens me most is witnessing the impact on teams and organisations when leadership fails. 

In terms of my leadership, it is about taking calculated risks. 

Leadership is about the people, the communities, and the populations we serve. Leadership requires one to be selfless. Leaders must put the people one leads ahead of oneself. Leadership is about being inspirational. 

Leadership is one of the most important responsibilities I have had in my life. The opportunity to make a difference every day; the dedication of the many people who work in the district health board, and in our community, all inspires me to take on the challenges before me. 

I aspire to serve with purpose, and to drive for success, working together with people, as a “joined up team”. 

Thanks to Leadership NZ for bringing out the intrinsic leadership skills inside me.

Debbie Chin
Interim Chief Executive
Capital & Coast District Health Board