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Three days and two nights in Porangahau

If you head to the farming service town of Waipukurau in the Hawke's Bay, then follow the road to the coast, turning right before you hit the town of Porangahau, you may just get to the holiday home of Richard (2012 Alumni) and Jean (2013 Alumni) Kibblewhite.

That was exactly where a group of LNZ 2012 Alumni found themselves for the first three days in May 2015 to experience leadership in a rural community.

The venue for the three day retreat provided the perfect location for what was a memorable experience for all. The group easily folded back into the dynamic created in 2012. And with the guidance of Louise Marra, continued the discussion, reflection, laughter and tears of three years ago.  

A big part of the success of the three days lay with the people who organised and contributed to the sessions. In particular, Greg Bentley for showing us how to shoot clay birds; our panel of local guests Bo, Marina and Jim for sharing their stories about living life in the district; Rob Hewitt on what to do when things go really bad diving for kina; and Jean and her brother Rob for hosting us for dinner.

Recognition also has to go to the lads who took time out of their undoubtedly busy diaries to corral and navigate us to the retreat: Richard Kibblewhite, Duncan Fletcher, and Chris Northmore โ€“ cheers guys.

So there you have it, three days and two nights of beautiful weather, great company, and rich discussion, fuelled by the consumption of more meat and fish over a three day period than most of us would have in a year.