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Like a skilled woven piece of harakeke - Session 6

Written by Briarley Birch, Heartlands Coordinator at Te Ora Hou Northland

Briarley Birch

Retreat Six beckons us to a familiar gathering, one of friendship, of learning, of challenge, of the inevitable chance/choice to self-grow, self-explore and self-love.  It is a somewhat exciting, nervous and welcoming gathering to be part of and you are part of, you belong, it is friends, it is whānau.

We begin with a humbling tour of post-earthquake Otautahi, where we get to hear a voice of passion, of struggle and success, of humanity, of devastation but most importantly stories of rebuild and hope, such a humbling experience. Kia ora.

Our outer and inner environment is the topic that welcomes us to these southern majestic mountains, and it is exactly what you would think, well it never is exactly what you would think with Leadership NZ.  But it is a re-cap, a re-connection a re-look into the devastation on the environment today and then like a skilled woven piece of harakeke, a look into our inner environment and the health within. 

What is the difference that we do to the environment we live in and what is it we do to our internal environment?  Is the effort of not using 1 x plastic bag similar to not doing a daily keeping of journal, meditation or inner selfies?  Let’s hope it is praxis unfolding.

As time together strengthens relationship and growth, so too does the sharing space we hold, what a journey this road is. Never one to be repeated, with this cohort, in this space, at this particular time of our own unique journey. 

Kia ora Pumanawa Kaiarahi.