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Paddling Together: Reflections from the Teach for All Global Conference in New Zealand

Leadership NZ facilitated the leadership development part of the Teach for All global leadership hui. The global conference, which was held in Auckland, was inspired by the Maori proverb "Hoeangatahitia ki ko atu," or "Paddling together takes us further together." The conference was followed by a leadership development hui held in Waitangi and involved the CEOs from each of the organisations in the global network. The programme was facilitated by Louise Marra (Programme Director, Leadership NZ) and Lucia Die Gil and involved a range of deepening activities. 

CEO of the global network, Wendy Kopp, made this comment on the leadership hui: “We immersed ourselves in Maori leadership principles which have to do with centering ourselves in our inner spirit, in love, and connecting with others from that place. Despite the pressure of this mission and work, we found the space to be truly present, reflective and engaged. I felt profoundly lucky to be led by the outstanding New Zealand facilitators and surrounded by such beauty and by the extraordinary collection of CEOs who’ve been drawn to this work."

Below, as part of the leadership retreat, the global CEs went adventuring on a waka to learn in reality how to paddle together.