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Moana - Mana Moana Session Two

Written by Therese Mangos, Director Pacific at Vision Aotearoa


This retreat was for me all about exploring the Moana that runs deep within us,
Together we dove deep,
Comforted by the warmth of the water, the safety,
The arms of our tupuna wrapped gently around us
And together we revealed the knowing
The migratory waters that connect us all
The unchangeable and steadfast tohu that guide us
So that we could be naked
Revealing all to each other and to our Atua
Shedding the salty tears
Of the Moana that runs deep within us…

I left the retreat strengthened, uplifted and once again enlightened
By the struggles of our people, the resilience
The hurt, the shame,
And the sanitation of my life, growing up oblivious to much of what was going on,
And now that knowing navigates me,
Centres me, grounds me,
And anchors my floating island of
Mana Moana

Therese Mangos