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We hold events for our alumni, friends, and the general public for people to connect with the important conversations in leadership.

Subject matter experts and prominent New Zealand leaders share their knowledge and engage with the audience, sparking new ideas and innovation as minds from different backgrounds converge and focus their energy on a salient issue or theme.

Alumni Acknowledgements, March 2016

Ainsleigh Cribb-Su’a; Alan Williams; Angela Derecourt; Angela Green; Angela Parquist; Bernie Grant; Carol Bellette; Chris Morgan; Claire McQuilken; Claire Richardson; Darrin Brinsden; Dave Norman; David Udy; Debbie Chin; Eddy Royal; Ewen Anderson; George Riley; Georgie Witehira; Gillian Dudgeon; Grant Palmer; Hilary Sumpter; Jamie Munro; Jane Carruthers; Jason Gray; Jerome Partington; Jo Walker; John Skurr; Jonathan Hulme; Julian Inch; Kimberly Rees; Mina Mathieson;  Morehu Wilson; Murray Wu; Neville Pulman; Nick Astwick; Nicola Brehaut; Nigel Kapa; Nikki Burns; Ophelia Buckleton; Stephen Henry; Taane Mete; Tara Pradhan; Teresa Tepania-Ashton; Tom Dibley; Vicky Taylor; Vivek Rajendran; Wane Wharerau; Wyndi Tagi.

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Alumni Acknowledgements, October 2015

Adam Cooper,  Adrian Wimmers, Carol Bellete, Chris Morgan, Christian Penney,  Christina Howard, Craig Churchill, Eddy Royal, Ewen Anderson,  Fenella Gray, George Riley, Gillian Dudgeon, Hilary Sumpter, Ian Balme, Jade Tang-Taylor, Jean Kibblewhite, Jerome Partington, John Mauro, Judy Nicholl, Julie Radford-Poupard,  Karyn McLeod, Kimberly Rees, Leisa Siteine, Marianne Scott, Morehu Wilson, Murray Hickman,  Nathan Marsh, Neville Pulman, Ngaroimata Reid, Nick Astwick, Nicola Brehaut, Penny Fitt, Philip Patston, Quentin McCarthy, Rewi Spraggon, Richard Kibblewhite, Sally Babington, Sara Jones, Selina Tusitala Marsh, Tara Pradhan, Tom Dibley,  Travis McGrath, VivekRajendran, ane Wharerau, Wyndi Tagi.

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Alumni Reflection, Edward Cook

–  he tangata, he tangata, he tangata
Edward Cook completed the Leadership NZ programme in 2009 and in 2011 ventured to the UK where he works with young people in an organisation that is growing rapidly.

Edward credits Leadership NZ with the skills and awareness that were instilled in him through the leadership programme and that have helped him be instrumental in driving the growth and appreciating the need for change in communities. 

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Alumni Reflection, Andrew Sharp

Inspired by the 2012 Leadership New Zealand group’s Northridge declaration, Andrew Sharp, (then General Manager of Soanar based in Sydney) felt compelled to act on what he had learnt throughout the year. He focused on his leadership journey and messages from inspiring speakers who came and addressed their group.  Having increased his appreciation and understanding of a wider community within NZ, he wanted to give back in some way whilst still living overseas.  Andrew decided to take action and with his wife Simone realised that while they didn’t have the resources of Bill Gates, they could still make a difference.

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